It's a Fake Fake World

When I was younger, I was looking up to Insta girls. 'OMG, they're so perfect, I wanna be like them, I wanna live their lives!' Now I'm happy that I'm NOT one of them. Because they're all the same and I'm different. In the world of fake Kardashians I stand out. 

It was the year 2010 and Instagram just launched. There were no selfies, no heavy makeup, no fake butts. Yet. People were posting photos of their dogs, babies and food. Photos with bad resolution and heavy filters. It was until the Kardashians discovered social media. Suddenly everyone wanted to look like them - big ass, big boobs, tiny waist. Ten layers of makeup, perfect hair and lips bigger than Jay Z's.

'Duck face' phase was nothing compared to what's happening now. I't all fake. Instagram has become a competition in who would look more like Kardashians. When I scroll through the 'Explore' page on my Insta, it's like I was looking at only one profile - all the girls are the same.

Fake it till you make it they say, but is all this fakeness worth to sell your soul to the internet? 

People actually hire a photographer to shoot a bunch of photos of them so they have enough material to post on Insta for two weeks. Imagine a picture with a girl running across the road, looking into the distance. 'Oh no, I'm late for work'. Right. So late that somehow she still managed to pose for dozens of photos. Or 'Yummy, look at my delicious breakfast' and behind that: Everyone's food is cold, cuz I made them wait to take THE perfect shot. Of course this also includes standing on a chair for a better perspective. 

Oh and this one's also good. A video of Shay Mitchell going to Coachella. She took a hairdresser, a makeup artist and two big suitcases with her. For 3 days. I mean, where's the fun in going to the festival and then having someone touch up your makeup every five minutes? I don't know, maybe I just don't get it. Maybe the point isn't in dancing and listening to the music anymore but taking the perfect photo. You know with one hand raised in the air, showing peace sign and ferris wheel in the background.

And let me tell you, this Insta obsession almost got to me too. When I was packing for a vacation, I cought myself thinking which dresses would look best on the photos with the tropical scene. And when we were there I was angry when my boyfriend didn't catch the right angle of my face in the photo. Hello? What's happening? I was so blinded by all that nonsense that I forgot to relax and enjoy the moment.

Don't get me wrong, I love to take photos and look at good ones on Instagram. And I know that social medias have become a platform of earning money for a lot of people. But I think it's silly to dedicate all your life to it and create a fake image of yourself. An image that is just a copy of every other girl or boy on Instagram. Don't be like everyone else. Do it differently. Be unique, be the REAL you!

Ask yourself what will happen if social media disapears overnight. What will you have left?


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  1. You are absolutely right. In this era, there are lot of fashion and makeup accessories that change the real face and turn into the beautiful one.