Fresh Couples And Angry Exes At The MET Gala 2017

Met Gala proved once again that fashion is very much an art. Celebrities really go overboard every year with their dresses and let the media talk about them for the next few weeks. It's that kind of event where you either make it or break it. So let's see who did what this year.

Starting with the boldest and most outrageous outfits, here are Rihanna and Katy Perry. Riri, known for her outstanding gowns, arrived last (maybe because of the trouble with dress that she had before entering) and shut down the red carpet. 

She was wearing Comme des Garcons piece of art (or was piece of art wearing her?) that was an architectural wonder. It was consisted of floral pieces of fabric that looked like petals. I can't decide what she reminded me of. Maybe a parrot? A sponge? Yes, she did portrayed the theme very well, but maybe even too much.

But it didn't stop with only one over-the-top outfit. She got people talking AGAIN when she changed for the afterparty. She was wearing pyama top with no pants and fluffy slippers. I guess this is what happens when you ran out of ideas.

Singlehood isn't doing any good for Katy Perry. Seems like her intentions to look like a hot goddess went totally wrong. She turned out looking like ... I don't know, a hydrant?!

And it got even worse at the afterparty. She covered herself in a sequin coat and underneath wore a sparkly peachy one-piece with garter belt. This is the strangest and most confusing look I've ever seen. Orlando, please, take her back!

From fresh singles to hot new couples. J.Lo presented her new boyfriend baseball player Alex Rodriguez to the crowd. 

She wore long baby blue dress and was a real impersonation of  Elsa from Frozen. What surprised me the most is that the dress didn't reveal any skin. Wow, J.Lo's growing up! Or maybe is just the impact of her new bf, who is 11 years older that the previous one. You know, she's gotta merge into older community.

Another couple that couldn't keep their hands to themselves are Selena Gomez + The Weeknd. Just the exact time last year she was single and he was there with Bella Hadid. How things change.

I do admit that love looks good on Selena. She was smiling all the time and you could feel some kind of peacefullnes in her. I'm glad that she's back on track after suffering from depression but let's talk about her dress. It didn't convince me at all. 

Yes, it's fresh and youthful and perfect for Teens Choice Awards, but Met Gala? No. It's the only event of the year where she could go overboard and wear something crazy and daring. But didn't. Oh well, how can we blame her, she was probably too occupied cuddling with her bf.

Since we're talking about The Weeknd, it's only right to include his ex Bella Hadid into conversation. It looks like she took revenge on him in the best way possible - with her smoking hot revenge body.

She wore tight to the skin black lace bodysuit that hugged all her curves and even made the ladies scream (just look at the girl in the background). The only thing that made me think is how she peed? Hmm ... anyways, she even debuted a lob haircut, which is suspiciously similar to Selena Gomez's. Part of a revenge or just a trend?

Now let's stop for a second to admire her model bestie Kendall Jenner in her so called 'liquid' dress from La Perla. It doesn't have any fabric, just threads and 85.000 crystals. I was hand-sewn by over 60 people in 5 different cities. I mean, WOW! She looked ah-mazing!

For the afterparty she changed into something much shorter but just as sexy. I don't think anyone else can pull of a combination of latex mini skirt and sheer yellow oversized top like she did.

Apart from Kendall who looked smoking hot on the blue carpet, her younger sister Kylie failed to achieve the same effect. 

Her sheer Versace dress was almost the same as last year's gown. The only differences that I see are fuller lips, bigger hips a few more cosmetic surgeries. Is there anything natural left on her at all? 

Since her Paris roberry, Kim K decided to not show off with her wealth. Apparently that means not wearing any jewelry and wrapping herself in bed linen. Not so smart decision.

Ok, now let's talk about real stuff - my favourite looks from the blue carpet. First, Lily James. OMG, she looked stunning! Who knew that a simple black and white dress can make such a perfect outfit.

Well, 'simple' is an understatement. Her Burberry dress had a black oversized bow at the back that made a perfect finish to her look. If you ask me, she looked like a perfectly wrapped candy.

Very similar, but a little more serious look. Emmy Rossum was one of a few who decided to wear pants to the gala. That was a wise choice. She looked faboulous! 

And last but not least, Liu Wen. She always impresses me with her elegant and chic outfits. This time she combined delicate sheer bodice with appliqued birds and denim. Elegant, modern and totally theme appropriate.

Now tell me which are your BEST and WORST looks? Let me know in the comments! Xo


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