TOP 5 Series to Watch With Your Boyfriend

I'm sure every couple likes to watch series together. They're perfect to forget all the worries, relax on a couch and cuddle with your better half. Here are 5 series that me and my boyfriend love to watch after a hard day at work. Which are yours?

We started to watch Westworld a month ago and the series totally soaked us in. It's about a futuristic theme park called Westworld which is populated with artificial people (so called hosts), who look just like real people. West world is made for rich people, who come there to live out their fantasies without any concequences ... until now. Because of the upgrades in their sistem, hosts start to fight back and the story is getting more and more tense! I know it might sound very sci-fi, but it's really not, otherwise I wouldn't like it.

Why I love it: Because it makes me think. I think this fantasy world is a great comparison to the world of social media, where we can easily hide our identity and basically say or write whatever we want, without some serious consequenes. It's fascinating to see how far our technolgy development has come and how we're exploiting it for all the wrong things (if you ask me). I think it's just a matter of time when this kind of world will acctually exist.

Why he loves it: Because it shows human in his true nature - as an animal. Bonus points also go to Anthony Hopkins, whose acting is just incredible!

I'm sure you know this one. When I first watched House of Cards I found it kind of boring. But my boyfriend convinced me to continue watching it and after a few episodes I started to like it more and more. The story is about a congressman who wants to become a president and manipulates his way into the White House. There is a lot of political language involved (which is hard for me to understand), but that's when my boyfriend comes in handy and here and there explains to me what's going on. I get educated and he feels important, so it's a win-win situation!

Why I love it: Because of the drama and intrigues, of course. And also because of all the smart terms that I learn. 😎

Why he loves it: He's very into politics and this series gives him an inside look into the functioning of American democracy. It has a great script and he also likes the two main characters and their fu**ed up personalities.

Rich people, exquisite dresses, luxury, tragedies and a lot of intrigues. This series is like a royal version of Gossip Girl. You get to know the british royal family which is nothing like a real royal family. The queen (amazing Liz Hurley) is a schemer, the princess is smoking pot and having fun with boys, king's brother wants to kill him and the princess' bodyguard is a thief. The only person who is really good by heart is the king. The story is dynamic and the characters are really really good.

Why I love itBecause of the amazing gowns and a lot of drama.

Why he loves itActually he doesn't. But I don't give him any other choice but to watch it with me 😉

I remember that when we watched the first episode, we were like: "Omg, these actors are so lame, they don't even know how to act! What is this?" But for some reason we went on and soon realized that it's not the actors that are bad, but it's their characters that are so messed up. Bates Motel is some kind of modern prequel of Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho from 1960. We get to know mother Norma and her son Norman who have very (sick) patological relationship. Norman is mentally ill and his illness soon becomes very dangerous. The story is sooo good & sooo intense. There is also a lot of blood and dead bodies involved.

Why I love it: I love it because the story holds me in tension all the time! I can't wait for the next season to come! 

Why he loves it: He loves it because of the good choice of unknown actors, which makes the series very different from typical Hollywood movies. It's more like a german/french crime drama.

The main purpose of this series is to watch, laugh and relax. And then forget about it. It's a sitcom about a middle-class family, who deal with everyday situatuions. And they do this VERY clumsily. They have three kids - shirtless Axl, clumsy Sue and bookworm Brick and they're all so so funny. The series it's already in its eight season, which means a looot of laugh ahead of you! Every episode tells a new story, so it doesn't matter where you start watching it.

Why I love it: I like to watch it when I come home from hard day at work, pour a glass of wine and just chill with the Hecks. They make me laugh and that's enough. 😁

Why he loves it:
For the very same reason.

Which series do YOU like to watch with your boyfriend/girlfriend? Do you have any suggestions for us? Can't wait to hear them! :)


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