Mermaids And Squids At The People's Choice Awards

With Golden Globes 10 days ago the award season has officially begun. But who cares about the awards. What we're most interested about are the red carpet looks, right? So last night all the important celebrities attended People's Choice Awards in Los Angeles and gave us great opportunity to talk about their outfits. Let's see who did it right and who totally sucked.

I'm often annoyed by Jennifer Lopez's too-naked red carpet looks, but this time she totally impressed me. Long black Reem Acra dress with elegant embellishment at the front made her look elegant and classy, but still very sexy. The only thing that bothers me is the bra, peeking out of her trimmings. She's used to go out with no panties, so dress without bra shouldn't be such big of a deal.

It was the first time that Fifth Harmony appeared in public without Camila Cabello and it seems like her leaving really hurt them. What were they thinking putting on such outfits?! They wore nude gowns which looked like they're made out of a silk bedding and were revealing their bodies right where they shouldn't. No wonder Camila said she felt sexualized while being in the group.

Their second look was no better. With leather, latex and collars they looked like night club dancers rather than promising young singers. Given that they are barely at the beginning of their twenties, they could wait with such sexy and revealing looks for a few years (or ever) and insted put on some cute, elegant dresses.

With her short black fringe dress Blake Lively reminded me of a charlestone dancer. The outfit completely hid her feminine curves and gave her a few extra pounds. She would look much beter in longer dress that emphasized her figure. And some brighter color wouldn't hurt too.

Gwen Stefani stayed true to her funky style and came to the event as a modern Alice in Wonderland. She wore Reem Acra two-piece to which she added fishnet tights for more edgier look. She was glowing! No wonder her country lover Blake Shelton said she is the hottest date of the evening when he received the award for best country singer.

Wow, Victoria Justice looked like a real life Pocahontas in her short beaded dress and strict sleek dark hair. She added some basic silver sandals to the look and didn't exaggerate with jewelry. Just perfect!

Ruby Rose proved that orange CAN actually be the new black! She wore a tightly-fitted pants with plunging orange blazer that showed off one of her many tattooes. She finished her edgy look with classic black pumps, dark plum lipstick and messy hair. This is how a bad girl look like!

Kristen Bell chose highwaisted jumpsuit instead of a dress and I have to say it was a smart decision. She looked sooo tall even though she's only 1,55 m. Silver glitter reminisced of fish scales and those white pads on her boobs looked like shells. Just like a mermaid!

The first impression that came to my mind when I saw Sofia Vergara's outfit was: squid in a condom. Lol I know it sounds absurd, but so is her dress. I like the upper part - it has her signature push up style, but skirt is just toooo tight and the ruffles at the bottom don't help to make her look good either.

I don't know why everyone is so obsessed with Sarah Jessica Parker's sense of fashion, because it's just ridiculous! I don't even know what to say about this dress, because the gloves ruin everything. We're in 2017, not 1952!

How can 18-year-old girl have such a good taste in fashion? I want this dress in my closet! Actress Peyton List wore adorable Yanina Couture mini with sheer topper that made her look so elegant yet so youthful. It wouldn't be bad if some other young actresses looked up to her.

Photos: Profimedia

She has good sense of humor, be she sure doesn't have a good taste for fashion. Melissa McCarthy's florat two-piece was horrible. The fabric would be perfect for some home accessories (like carpet, curtains or couch) but definitely not for clothing. It's just wrong on so many levels.

Now tell me, which celebrity look was your favourite and who was the worst? Leave your comment below.


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  1. Wow!Fashion goals.I love all that gowns.Really superb.These outfit is adorable!!