Top 5 Most Useful Mobile Apps

Keep a track of your period like a pro! Clue allows you to monitor your periods and record your bleeding, pain and mood through every day of it. The app shows you your whole cycle and fertile window and calculates your next period. Very practical.

You know that feeling when you put a movie on your computer, lie on a couch and cover in blankets but then realize that you forgot to press Play button? Because you're too lazy to stand up again, you use the Remote mouse which allows you to manage your computer through phone. It connects to your PC via wi-fi and then you can use it as a computer mouse. Perfect solution for lazy people!

If you're one of those who often forget their passwords, than this app is perfect for you. It allows you to have all the passwords under one roof. They are divided into categories of Logins, Secure Notes, and Credit Cards. The Logins section also has built-in options that you can choose from. For example Facebook, Amazon, Yutube or whatever. You just click it and save your username + password. The app is secured by touch ID so you don't have to worry that someone else might find your secret codes.

This app will make your life more organized. It has many timers, that can run all at the same time (which is impossible with built-in iPhone timer), so you'll keep a track of your daily routines much easier. Timers also have multiple steps, which is great for workout routines or cooking. And while preparing your chicken or doing the crunches, you don't even have to look at the screen, because Spoken timers can read the recipe for you. Cool, right?

Now this is the app that I use the most of all five. It shows you all the restaurants, petrol stations, pubs or hotels that are closest to you. How many times have you been wandering around looking for ANTM? Well, not anymore, because with AroundMe you'll find it in no time (Wow, this sounded like a commercial). Anyway, just dowload it and you'll see that is indispensable.

Now tell me, which are your most useful apps?


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