All Hail For McQueen

I've never perceived London as a city of fashion and my feelings prove to be true every time I look at fashion week collections. I've been THE biggest fan of Burberry for so long, but since two years ago the collections just aren't as good as before. I feel like they've lost that feminine vibe and are somehow missing a common thread.

But let's talk about the ones that stood out. Actually, there was only one for me and that's Alexander McQueen. Its collection was just ah-mazing! I was blown away by the sensitive wibe that felt like a fairytale. Long sheer capes with sprinkled stardust gave the illusion of a night sky and butterfly prints on a lacey cut-out dresses transformed models into sexy fairies. I also loved the mix and match of a delicate lace and rocker chic leather, which is a go-to combination for 50% good/50% bad girls ;)

Now tell me, how did you like McQueen? Or was there any other designer that stood out? I can't wait to hear your thoughts! :)

Alexander McQueen
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