The Best of Milan and Paris Fashion Week

All good things come to an end and so has the fashion month. Even though I didn't attend any of the shows, I have a feeling like I was there thanks to all the bloggers who posted pictures and videos on their social media. For me just looking at photos of such an exquisite pieces makes me so freaking excited. All those rich materials, subtle details and flaring fabrics literally give me goosebumps! I mean, you definitely don't see anything like that in Zara or H&M.

So let's see which designers outdid themselves at Milan and Paris fashion week. Let's start with the best: Dolce & Gabbana and Chanel. Two brands that always manage to take my breath away, even though this season they didn't present anything particulary new. D&G's collection was exploring the Sicilian history and we saw earrings in the shape of lemons and oranges, crocheted raffia bags and wooden clogs. And models were taking selfies in between their runway walk. How cool is that? And Chanel.. well, there was nothing special, really.. except that Karl turned the whole runway into an airport! Whaaaat?! His creativity really has no limits. Chic and flirty collection is screaming my name and I'd be the happiest girl in the world to check on Chanel airplane one day.

But let's not forget others. I also loved Alberta Ferretti's and Zuhair Murad's collections, but was dissapointed by Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton, who just didn't bring anything special to the table.. or maybe they're just not my kind of style. Now I wanna hear your thoughts! Who was your favourite and whose collection let you down? Let me know in the comments! ;)

Dolce & Gabbana
Alberta Ferretti

Barbara Bui
Elie Saab
Zuhair Murad
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