Big Mess at the VMA's

There's no doubt that this year's VMA's were quite a mess.. to say at least. Miley outdid herself by wearing the most naked outfits ever existed, Nicky Minaj publicly attacked her by calling her a bitch in front of everyone and Kanye West announced that he'll run for the president of the US in 2020. And these aren't even the biggest fails that happen that night. Just take a look at the red carpet..

It's obvious that Kim Kardashian isn't very good (actually, she's the worst) at styling her baby bump and this baggy dress makes the perfect example. There's just too much going on - laces, long slit and those horrible pockets that make her look even bigger than she already is! I can't imagine this dress looking good on anyone, but certainly not on a pregnant woman.

Now on to the Kanye. I understand that he's the future Mr. President, so he can wear whatever he wants, but seriously.. what's up with those folded pants? I guess he just wanted to put his new yeezy boosts on display, but I'm sure he could find something more elegant in his closet to show off.

If you ever wondered how they came up with the definition of milf, here it is! Hot mama Kourtney looked absolutely amazing in sleek coral halter jumpsuit which she paired with simple gold accssories. Looks like separation from Scott really works in her favor! 
But let's not exclude Kylie, who didn't lag behind. Textured nude Balmain mini (which almost revealed a little too much) looked amazing in combination with her dramatic fringe and smokey eyes. Which sister style do you prefer?

Does Kris ever wear any other color than black? I don't think so. Even though I like this dress - it's elegant, classy and looks good on her figure - I wish she would opt for more playful outfits or add more colrful details.. like a red bag for example. 

 Now on to her boy toy Cory. I don't wanna be rude, but he looks like her bodyguard (or even her brother from another mother), rather than her boyfiend. It's obvious who wears the pants in this house (hint: it's not him).

Karlie Kloss dissapointed me once again. Simple long orange dress and natural makeup were just too casual and too summery for such an event. And let's not even talk about those horrible shoes! Even though she's super tall and doesn't need to wear heels, it would be a good idea to change those sandals for something more elegant - it would make the whole look so much better!

Bella's look makes me feel bipolar. On one hand I like her sky blue light falling dress but on the other I don't think it totally suits her. It's glamorous and sexy yet I feel like there's something missing.. what do you think?

I love Demi's sleek hair and gorgeous makeup, but the dress didn't impress me much. I like the model and the fabric, but I don't think it's the right choice for her body shape. Maybe something lighter and longer would be a better choice.

Selena proved that you can never go wrong with LBD. This understated yet very sexy Calvin Klein maxi makes THE perfect red carpet outfit and gives a singer sophisticated and grown-up vibe.

Someone please tell me the name of Hailee Stainfield's stylist, because I want him too! Just how amazing is this crisp white Stella McCartney jumpsuit with a bold metallic choker?! It's stylish, modern and super elegant and if you ask me the most unique look on the red carpet.

There are only two reasons Taylor Swift turned up on the red carpet like this:
1.) She joined Cirque du Soleil
2.) She woke up like this
(circle the correct answer)

Since when MORE is MORE? Such a statement dress needs to be paired with simple accessories so that it doesn't lose its spark but apparently Emily Ratajkowski has a different opinion. She paired it with over-the-knee high boots and totally ruined the whole look.

Someone pull the fire alarm! Gigi Hadid was on fire in saffron yellow Emilia Wickstead dress with high slit and deep cleavage which showcased her flawless bronze skin and perfect body. Absolutely stunning!

Oh no, what happened to Britney? I feel like she failed trying to be too sexy. This look is just so messed up! The sequined minidress is too short and the cleavage is too big. Sleek ponytail and candy-colored locks aren't in her favor either. But let's give her a credit for such a cute, contagious smile.

Can you imagine this is one of the least naked looks that Miley wore at the show? I don't really know how to comment it.. at the end, we're talking about a girl who just released an album with songs, dedicated to her dead pets. So let's just say this outfit is a perfect reflection of her crazy personality.

FKA Twigs went wild! She was striking sexy poses in caged bodice ensemble with a sheer skirt and looked bolder than ever. Unfortunatelly, I wasn't convinced. Don't get me wrong, the gown is mindblowing, but her wearing it - not so much.

How low can you go? Apparently VERY! Victoria's Secret angel Lily Aldridge showcased her enviable body in a steamy black Alexandre Vauthier cutout gown and looked hotter than ever! Don't you agree?

And the best for last (best fail that is). I can't decide which part of Rebel Wilson's outfit is the worst.. is it the combination of pink and black, which looks totally cheap or the fact that she complimented it with hot pink ombre? Or maybe are her grandma's shoes and a hairdo that's higher than the skyscraper? Anyways all these fails make a Pitch Perfect star look like one big hot.. mess.

Who was your WORST and BEST dressed? Let me know in the comments! :)


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  1. Nice post :) Kiss from France, Sand.

  2. Great post, I really like how you did a round-up of all the major celebrities. Kourtney Kardashian, Selena Gomez, and Gigi Hadid definitely get my vote for best dressed!