Teen Choice Awards 2015 Red Carpet

Teenage dreams were coming true last night at the Galen Center in Los Angeles, when One Direction won 8 out of 10 nominations at the Teen Choice Awards. Not far behind were Pretty Little Liars, winning 6 and Pitch Perfect 2 with 5 out of 10 nominations. But who cares, let's concentrate on more important things, like WHO WORE WHAT on the red carpet. Competition was high and the dresses were short. Let's see which celebrities impressed and which depressed with their outfit decisions.

Bella Thorne attended the event with the hotest accessory under hand - her sexy new boyfriend, who isn't just hot as hell, but also very stylish! Nicely done, Bella, nicely done!

Does Britney even age? I don't think so! In this innocent white lace dress, unicorn hair and pretty little smile she has shown that is still living her teenage dream and shall reign on her pop throne until her heighlights fade.

How nice, Portia decided to attend the event with her personal trainer. Oh no, wait.. that's Ellen. Even though I admire her efforts of creating her own fashion brand, I find this outfit too sporty for such an event. Next time - take advice from your stylish wifey.

Oh wow, Emma Roberts definitely surprised me with her chic classy look! White bodycon off-the-shoulder dress embroidered in multicolor designs was one of the best fashion choices she has ever made.

That's the actress that's playing Jane the VIRGIN?! She sure doesn't look like one! Gina Rodriguez was one HOT sexy mama, wearing crocheted silver dress and classic nude pumps, which she finished off with A perfect blowout (#HairGoals).

Short pans, don't care? Well, maybe Jason Derulo SHOULD care, because these pants are just too short to handle! Even though he might just wanted to show off his shiny new shoes, his attempts went totally wrong.

Too cute to handle! Keke Pelmer wore color blocked mini and paired it with lace-up sandals, which weren't the best shoe choice if you ask me. Nonetheless she pulled the look off with sleek bangs and a shining smile.

Aria aka Lucy Hale was a total cutie in Julien MacDonald black and blue embroidered minidress, which looked très chic on a young actress. There's really nothing NOT to like on her outfit.

Pretty little thing called Maddie! I'm happy to see that she's staying true to her age (12 that is) and doesn't try to act older by dressing in barely-there-outfits. I love her pink floral dress and little marble clutch. It's very chic but still very youthful and fun!

Do you follow Shay on Snapchat? If you do, then you know that she's much more fun in real life than she looks on this photo. I feel like the black and white frock doesn't do her justice in showing her poppy personality. Yet she still looks kinda hot!

What a bombshell! Victoria Justice stepped on the blue carpet in green bandage dress with fringe detailing and paired it with gold accessories and chic sandals. I absolutely LOVE everthing about this look! 
Zendaya, my favourite! When it comes to red carpet looks, she always pulls off the most creative ones. A set of long black skirt with high slit and ruffled of-the-shoulder top is a combination ensured to stand out.

Now tell me, who's your winner?


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  2. One direction came from X factor!
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