10 In-Flight Beauty Essentials

Travelling around the world sounds like a lot of fun, but spending all day on a plane? Not so much. I still remember my longest, 9-hour flight to the USA. I could barely move on my small seat, my hair got all messed up from trying to find a good position to fall asleep, my skin dehydrated from dry air and my feet got swollen so badly that almost didn't fit my shoes anymore. If you ask me, spending 5+ hours on a plane is the worst nightmare for your body! Luckily, with these beauty essentials at hand, you can make your in-flight experience much more pleasant.

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1. Water
Drinking lots of water is the easiest and most effective way to keep you hydrated during the flight. So stuck on your water bottles before you board, but be sure to follow liquid restrictions.

2. Makeup Remover Wipes

If you want your skin to breathe and feel fresh during the flight, remove your makeup once you board the plane. The most practical way to clean your face is with cleaning wipes, which are easy to use and carry around.

3. Hydrating Lip Balm

When it comes to lip balms, I swear by Eos, which doesn't only take care of your chapped lips but also works as a cute fashion accesory!

4. Spray water

Facial spritzers are the easiest way to quickly refresh your face and they also contain clarifying ingredients that calm your skin. Try La Roche Posay's Thermal Spring Water or Skyn's Face Mist with multivitamin complex.

5. Eye gel

There's the thinnest skin around your eyes, which means it gets dehydrated most quickly. Use eye gel or eye patches to de-puff your eyes area. Try this one with cooling and soothing effect or choose hydrating collagene eye pads, which offer the easiet application.

6. Nail file

Because there's nothing more annoying than a broken nail!

7. Concealer

Nothing shows your lack of sleep more than dark circles under your eyes. This is why a touch of concealer is necessery when you leave a plane. I swear by Bourjois' Healthy Mix but have also heard a lot of good things about this one from Maybelline.

8. Brow pencil

Eyebrows on fleek are a must.. even 40.000 ft in the air! Define and fill them with Anastasia's brow pencil to create natural and balanced look.

9. Hairbrush

Sleeping on the plane (or at least trying to fall asleep) can make your hair look very messy, so having a hairbrush at hand isn't such a bad idea. Tangle Teezer is the perfect fit for long trips because of its small size.

10. Hand sanitizer

Having clean hands is the key to fight agains all the germs that crawl on the plane. Since there's usually a line for the toilet, hand sanitizers make a great alternative to hand washing. Try this one with lavender smell or choose cucumber and mint scent.

When packing your in-flight beauty essentials don't forget to follow the rules about the amount of liquids you can take on a plane. Usually you can have bottles/tubes per 50mL (and all together 1L) packed in 1-Quart zip bag.

So now that you're covered, where are you travelling next?



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