Reasons to Start Using Snapchat ASAP

It first started up as a sexting app and then became one of the most popular and entertaining apps that offer the most personal and direct messaging. For all those that still aren't familiar with Snapchat, I'm giving you a quick user guide.

What is it?
If you ask me: the best app ever invented. It's a social tool that lets you share photos and videos a.k.a. snaps with the bonus of adding drawings and captions. It's an app that creates a space to be funny and honest and doesn't conform to unrealistic notions of beauty & perfection like other social media.

So what makes it different from any other social media?

The catch is that snaps dissapear after a few seconds, the amount of which decides the sender. Messages erase themselves after they're viewed (unless someone does a screenshot) and have to be taken live. Unlike other social media, where image is everything, here isn't about posting polished and photoshopped images but just about having fun and be spontanous and 'real' - to let loose and have fun without concequences.

How do you use it?
Very easy actually. To give you a very quick tutorial: you download the app, sign up via Facebook or Twitter and find your friends that are also using Snapchat. Then take a picture or short video, add a filter, write a caption or draw something funny on it and send it to friends of your choice. Or if you want everyone to see your snaps, you can share them on your 'Story', where they stay live for 24 hours. And that's it - you're snapping! :)

What's the point?

Since your photos self-destruct after a certain time, you don't have to worry to look perfect on every picture. It's a simple way to say whatewer's on your mind and be goofy and stupid. But don't forget that there's still an option of your friends taking a screenshot of your double-chin picture and blackmail you with it ;)

If this wasn't convincing enough, I'm giving you 5 more reasons to start using Snapchat ASAP:

You'll never be bored again
You know how sometimes you get bored, but are too lazy to do anything productive? That's where Snapchat comes in! Just start sending stupid snaps to your friends or watch theirs and before you know it, here goes your day.. to waste.

It stimulates your creative skills
Before I've started using Snapchat I never knew I had that much creative skills in me. I mean how cool is taking a selfie and pimp yourself with a pig nose, crazy eyes and draw a crazy hat on your head?! Sometimes I feel like a real Picasso..

It teleports you to the best festivals and events
Snapchat has this great feature of livestreaming some of the biggest events like the Oscars, Grammies, Coachella festival or the final football match. Users at the event take photos or videos which you can then see in the 'Story'. Livestream feels so real that it gives you feeling like you're there - hanging on a red carpet with J. Law, partying in Ibiza with David Guetta or cheering for your favourite horse at the horse races.

It even educates you on the latest news
There's another great feature called 'Discover', where you have channels of different publishers, like Cosmopolitan, CNN, National Geographic, etc., which post a selection of new stories daily. This means you don't need to go news sites or scroll through Facebook to get all the daily infos but can easily gather them all on Snapchat.

So now that you're convinced and are already downloading the app, let me give you some friendly advice before you start using it in all the wrong ways. Here's what you should and shouldn't do on Snapchat.

Keep it short and sweet (I suggest 3 sec. per snap and max. 100 sec. per day)
Tell a story (Everyone loves a good story so try to tell it through your snaps)
Be creative (Use as much filters, captions and drawings as you can. I'm sure your friends will love your artsy creations)
Be funny (Don't hold back but be playful and let others see the crazy part of you)
Share behind the scenes (Share some extras that your friends can't see on any other social media)
Fuzzy image snaps (Because snaping at night with no flash doesn't make any sense)
Pointless selfie snaps (At least be creative and decorate yourself with some funny emojis)
Too much lip synch (It gets sooo annoying looking at 5 lip synching snaps in a row! If you don't believe me, start following Shay Mitchell)
Excessive baby & pet snaps (I love babies but 300 sec. of a baby and mommy talking with her high baby voice is just too freaking much! But iinto that kind of n case you're into that kind of stuff, start following Chriselle Lim, you won't be dissapointed)

  • Chiara Ferragni (chiaraferragni) to see the most amazing places from her endless travels.
  • Danielle Bernstein (weworewhat) to see the most exciting blogger parties & events and beautiful resorts she often travels to.
  • Kylie Jenner (kylizzlemynizzl) to watch her singing in the car, posing in the mirror, sticking her tounge out and making random goofy faces.
  • Aimee Song (songofstyle) to be impressed by how much this woman can eat (and also to see her dogs playing with her famous penis-pillow lol)
  • Justin Bieber (rickthesizzler) to finally start liking him. You'll be surprised by how funny he is!
  • Nicole Warne (garypeppergirl) to attend all the fancy fashion events with her.
  • Me (lejdikej) to see all the random stupid things that are happening in my life.

    Are you already on Snapchat? Who do you follow? I love to find new people and watch their Stories so let me know who's worthy a follow in the comments below :) Xoxo


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