Instaparty: Life Updates

Hey hey! As you may know in Instaparty posts I like to talk about a little more personal topics that arise in my mind. But since my mind is off at the moment, I just wanted to update you guys on what's been going on with my life. May has passed by so fast, I don't even remember what happened during the month.. thank god for Instagram to remember me what I've been doing.. and eating! ;)

Lately I fell out of my morning routine and it was about time to get back on track. So I started waking up eary (6.20 to be exact) and start the day with my workout routine (I love exercises by Blogilates) by doing 45 minutes of arms, abs, butt and leg excercises. Then I jump in the shower and after that make myself a smoothie (if you follow me on Snapchat, you know I'm a huge smoothie addict). By the time I finish drinking it, it's 8 o'clock and I still have the whole day ahead of me!
Ever since I moved into my new appartment in Ljubljana, I wanted to redecorate my room and add a litte more personal touch to it, but never found the time to do it. Now I've finally managed to do a few DIYs, like this nailpolish stand and DIY pictures, made of old fashion magazines. I also added some pretty photos on the walls and put a whiteboard over my desk. It's amazing how little things can change the whole room and give it such a good vibes. It's also so much easier to work in a pretty environment than in a dull room.

A few wekeends ago I went to Internautica (which is an International Boat Show) with my friend Lina. We had such a great time driving in cabrio with hands in the air and hair everywhere! It was so much fun admiring all the amazing yachts and picking our favourites. We also managed to got to a 30m yacht, worth 8 million € and take selfies at every corner of it ;) We ended the day with delicious lunch by the beach and ice cream for a desert.

The next weekend my special friend came for a visit. We partied at Škisova on Thursday and on Friday I took him on Ljubljana Castle, which was a perfect destination to relax, breathe fresh air and get rid of the hangover ;) After that we had lunch at Odprta kuhna and a scoop of ice-cream at Vigo. Saturday and Sunday were reserved for friends too. During the day we were chilling in the city and at evenings we enjoyed our cocktails by the Ljubljanica river. This is what I call the perfect weekend!

Another weekend, another trip to the seaside. But this time it was work. Me and my two friends were hostesses at the Microsoft NT Conference, which took place at the Bernardin hotel. We were working more than 10 hours a day but nontheless managed to have fun. I guess the beautiful surroundings and good food really helped us to keep the power during the day and still have the energy to dance at the beach parties. Work hard, play hard, right? ;)

So yes, this is how my May looked like. How did you spend yours? I wanna know if any fun things happened to you! Let me know in the comments! :)


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  1. Lovely pics! Enjoyed reading your post. :)
    Good vibes Fox

  2. Amazing photos! You have very interesting life!

    xx Furore Magazine

  3. Cute insta updates!

    Agnes x

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