Hottest Hair & Makeup Trends for Spring

When it comes to Spring makeup trends, we usually think natural skin, peachy cheeks and coral lips, right? Well, not these season, when soft hues are replaced by fine lines, smoky shadows, flashes of color and vivid red lips. But pastel shades aren't completely excluded.. there's still a lot of baby blue color that comes in all forms of makeup - from eyeliner and eyeshadow to blue eyebrows (yes, colored eyebrows are a thing now) and baby blue negative space nails. Skin remains supernatural, but there's a return of red lips this season. You can choose from bright corals to vivid reds or go dark and sexy with statement flaming lips that we saw at D&G fashion show. Eyes are going crazy too! There's a lot of playing with different eyeliner colors, orange shadows and golden sparkles. And if you want to go over the top - draw some stars around your eyes to give your look that playful festive vibe.

And the hair? There's a big contrast in trends. On one hand is all about the undone and messy look and on the other hand there are sleek ponytails and braids with a twist. Oh yes, a lot is going on at the hair & makeup department this season so to not get lost in all these trends, take a look at these photos and decide which ones suit you the most.

What do you think about this trends? Are you a fan of bold eyes or prefer bright red lips? Let me know in the comments :) .. and have an awesome weekend!

Collages made of photos via: ommorphiabeautybar, Harpers Bazaar, Glamour, Allure, Instyle


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    1. It's so unique, right? Perfect to wear it at the sea side! ;)

  2. wow this is great

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    1. Me too, it's definitely not so usual summer trend :)

  4. Loving the low pony's + flaming lips!

    1. I love the flaming trend too, it's like your lips are on fire! ;)

  5. Beautiful selection, love the blue liner and love the stars, it is so original and so fairytale!

    Bisous from France,

    1. Oh yes, I love the stars trend too, I plan to wear it for summer festivals! ;)

  6. Nice post!
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