Pretty Easter Ideas

I still remember celebrating Easter from when I was a kid (Lil' K. with chubby cheeks). My grandma has always decorated the table with little chocolate eggs and fluffy little chickens and put on her blue and white Rosenthal porcelain with napkins in the same pattern. She has also hidden some presents for me and my brother all around the house, which we were always sooo excited to hunt. Now, twelve years later there aren't any presents anymore (unfortunately), but tradition with pretty Easter decorations, delicious food and happy family remains the same. And of course for me Easter is also a great excuse to put on some cute pastel dress and funny bunny ears to celebrate this holiday in style!

Here I've gathered some of delicious food ideas and the prettiest easter decorations that are easy to do at home and of course some girly outfit suggestions to wear on this lovely day (just click on the text under the photo for more information and tutorial).





Do you celebrate Easter and like to decorate the whole house with bunny-inspired things? :) I'd love to hear all about your traditions!


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  1. Great ideas !
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  3. Love a good easter egg

  4. Neat ideas! Perfect for instagram pictures

  5. Easter Bunny and Egg are most essential items in the Easter party celebration without these two items we cannot complete the Easter.

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