Ljubljana Fashion Week

They say you never forget your first and they're right - I will always remember mine. Fashion week that is. I've never attended one, so you can imagine my big excitement when they approved my accreditation for Ljubljana FW, the biggest fashion event in our country. It lasted for 4 days and took place in a big tent at the Congress Square. I was quite impressed with the organization and service, which was on a very high level. Free cocktails after every show? Yes, please! There were two sets of shows each day and I watched four of them. I have to admit that I wasn't expecting much, since Slovenian designers tend to have very non-wearable collections, but some of them really surprised me. I can't say that any of the collections left a huge impact on me as a whole, but I definitely saw some amazing pieces - bright fur jackets from Krznarstvo Eber, the prettiest pink coat from Maja Ferme Fashion and subtile black lace dresses by Tanja Zorn in the style of Dolce & Gabbana, which I wouldn't mind wearing.. at all.

I attended the shows with my friend Katja from I Love Fashion (who's with me on the photo) and we've had so much fun together. I guess the best part of it all was being able to see all the hustle and buste of the event from up close and meeting new people from fashion industry. I feel like it's important to seize this kind of opportunities not only to see the new collections, but also to network and create new contacts with people from your field of work. You never know when their business card can come in handy and somehow helps you on your career path.

Going back to the collections I feel like overall Slovenian designers did a great job and that some of designs could easily stand alongside world's biggest names in the fashion industry. Take a look at some of the looks from the shows that I attended and tell me what you think about them. Which ones are your favourite?



Photos by Jure Makovec


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