5 Lipstick Colors Every Girl Needs

It's common sense that a good lipstick can make or break your look. Leaving trends asside, there are 5 lipstick colors that never go out of style and that every woman should have in her collection. Of course not every shade suits every skin tone, so it's important to know your undertone before you go buying a lipstick. If you're not sure whether your undertone is more of a warm, cold or neutral, here are a few advice that will help you find that out. Once you know that, you can easily choose a shade that will suit you perfectly and nicely compliment your skin tone and your whole look.

Nothing creates more sophisticated look than classic red lipstick. Just ask Marilyn Monroe or Taylor Swift! It's a shade that gives you power and boosts your confidence. And the best part? It goes with (almost) any eye makeup - shimmery champagne for daytime or bold winged eyeliner to wear at night. I like to wear it when I feel down and it's crazy how a simple red lipstick can lift my mood in just seconds! When buying red lipstick I suggest you go for the most classic shade that suits every skin tone. Try this one from Nars or go for a matte finish with Pure Red Lipstick from NYX.

I use: Etude House Etoinette Crystal Shine Lipstick in the shade PPK006 (read my review about it here).

Pretty pink lipstick will brighten your face and create very feminine look. Combined with some subtile pink blush it will give your face soft and fresh look. When wearing pink lips, go for more natural makeup by applying gold or bright plum shades. Rimmel's Soft Blush Lasting Finish Lipstick is perfect if you prefer softer pink shades, or YSL's Rouge Volupte Shine for more striking pink color.

I use: NYX Butter Lipstick in the shade Fizzies (for Slovenian readers available here).

I was never a fan of nude lips, but this was until I've found the right shade for me. Now I use it almost every day, since it's so easy to be worn and perfect for when you don't want your lips to be the center of attention. During the day it can be worn with any natural makeup and at night time it will make a great complement to a smoky eye. But like I said, it's not easy no find the right nude shadow for your skin. When buying nude lipstick be careful not to choose a shade that is too bright. Always go two shades darker than your natural lips. Try this one from Lipstick Queen.

I use: NYX Butter Lipstick in the shade Pops (for Slovenian readers available here).

Coral lips are fun & fresh and perfect to brighten up your everyday look. Coral lipstick is appropriate for every age and every occasion, especially in spring and summer time. I love to wear coral lips with my floral summer dresses or even when I'm at the beach and need some color to compiment my sun-tanned skin. I like to stick to the shades with more pink undertone (like this one from L'oreal), but of course you can also go for more orange-y shade that will make your lips very juicy!

I use: Essence in the shade Coral Calling (available in DM or Muller).

Add mystery and drama to your look with dark plum lipstick. I personally wouldn't wear it for a daytime, but woud definitely use it for a night out, combined with smudged black eyeliner. This shade creates sexy vampy look and statement lips that will sure get you noticed. I really like this one from Maybelline, that has more of a brown-ish undertone and I also often wear NYX Matte Lipstick in the shade Merlot with beautiful red wine undertone.

I use: Revlon in the shade Red Velvet (for Slovenian readers available here).

Now tell me which shade do you wear on a daily basis and which lipstick color gives you the most confidence? I can't wait to hear your thoughts! Xoxo


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  1. I'm definitely a nude or classic red kind of gal. Great picks!


  2. Love red lipsticks and I'm always on the hunt for another (or the..) "perfect one", x S.


    1. I guess there's always an excuse for a new lipstick! ;)

  3. This is such a good post, these shades are great for everyone!

  4. Great post, so true! <3 Love it x


  5. Loving the colours!

  6. The Rouge is perfect!

    Bisous bisous from France :)


    1. Thanks for stoping by my blog! XOXO to France :)

  7. aww, I like the pretty pink a lot. my fav color in spring


  8. I use a lot coral, nude and pink...
    plum is a little bit difficult

  9. WOW, so many nice lipsticks! Which one is your favorite? :)

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  10. I love the nude <3 it's perfect always.. kiss


  11. I agree with your *_* i'm in love with matte nudes *_*

    Francesca http://www.everydaycoffee.it/

  12. so agree! I'd add a classic red in there as well!


  13. Pretty lipsticks!


  14. I have pink, nude and red lipstick and wear them very often! Love these pictures!


  15. Zbirki manjka še svetlo nude in svetlo roza, pa bi se res lahko reklo, da ne rabiš nič več :) Čeprav vemo kako je pri ženskah haha :D

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