iHeartRadio Music Awards Red Carpet Looks

Last night's iHeartRadio Music Awards night wasn't only about the music (and Rihanna having a real helicopter on stage) but also about the outfits (obviously). Let's see who dressed to impress and who hit in the dark with their look.

I love how Zendaya always dares to mix bold colors together. This time she decided to be even more daring and combine zebra print with bright pinks and greens. Very fresh, playful and sexy all at the same time.
Taylor Swift has transformed from innocent country singer into a sexy pop icon. I love the sparkly mini dress by Kaufmanfranco, which shows her fabolous legs, but I'm missing her signature red lips. And maybe she put just a little bit too much of a volume spray on her hair. Btw have you noticed she's becoming more and more alike her bff Karlie Kloss? #twinzies

Brittany Snow went for an outfit that is as white as her last name. A midi with little keyhole cut-outs suits her perfectly. Great example on how to NOT show too much and still look hot!

Chris Brown clearly didn't have time to put together his own outfit, so he borrowed Pharrell's hat, Psy's sunglasses, Kanye's gold chain and finished of with Pokemon inspired jacket. He might have taken trend of Mixing different styles too seriously.

They say you can never go wrong with a black mini dress, but every rule has its exceptions. Gina Rodriguez's blazer-style outfit is one of them. It doesn't emphasize her figure and it looks kind of boring.

Wow, now I wasn't expecting to see Greer Grammer in such a sexy look, since she always tends to choose more of a pretty, girly outfits. This black and navy bodycon dress definitely brings out her sexy side, but if I'm honest, this sheer bodice is too much for me and the choice of bag is not the best too. Maybe she should stay true to her innocent look.

So young and so trendy. Hailee Steinfeld just won my own best-dressed-award. Chic head-to-toe Dior outfit, featuring pleated striped dress and knee-high latex boots definitely makes a winning combination!

Surprise, surprise, it's Iggy Azalea all covered up! Definitely something we're not used to see often when it comes to her outfits. Zebra-print trousers and crochet-effect top with blazer, paired with mules isn't the combination I would put on (like, ever) but it definitely reflects her crazy personality, so I guess that's a good thing, right?

Jessica Szhor though she's going to a masquerade ball and decided to dress up as an Egiptian. I remember I wore a simila outfit for a carnival, being dressed up as Cleopatra.. and it was a DIY dress! (got the point?)

Meghan Trainor appeared on the red carpet in a classic LBD, which she spiced up with copper brown sequin jacket. Even though I wish she would go for more lighter colors, I don't have any remarks about this look. Let's say it's very award-appropriate.

Ulala, Nick Jonas, looking so polished and sophisticated in a red plaid suit. Very neat and daring, I just wish he would chose different shoes.

The E! Live From The Red Carpet host Ryan Seacrest went safe with all-black-everything look, which appears kind of boring. I wish he'd choose something as fun and charming as his personality.

I actually don't know who this girl is (apparently singer Sydney Sierota), but I just love her monochromatic b&w fit and flare dress (sandals not so much though). It's trendy, playful and looks great on her figure. And I'm loving her beachy waves too!

Let me know who was your favourite and who do you think needs a new stylist!


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  1. Although I'm not a fan of Zendaya's dress she always manages to pull off anything, she looks amazing. and Taylor is just flawless <3

    The Quirky Queer