Instaparty: Do What You Love

Beginning of a new year is a great way to reflect on the life you're living. While thinking about where I see my life going this year and figuring out future plans I realized I take life too serious. We all do. We're so busy working and putting all the energy into building careers that along the way we forget to live. We forget on the little things that make us smile everyday, we forget to take care of ourselves and we forget that at the end, our happiness is the only thing that really matters. So with these thoughts in mind I walked into a fresh year, dedicated that I'll take time for myself, do things that make me happy, be brave and take chances. And if I fail, I'll pick myself up and go toward a new challenge. At the end.. You Only Live Once! ;)

So January was all about doing what I love, which means:

.. taking selfies and enjoying pretty little girly things

.. reading Vogue and trying out new makeup
.. spending time with friends and discovering new eating spots in town

.. taking adventures and building (tea) castles in the sky.

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5 komentarji:

  1. You are absolutely right, i neeed to smell the roses abit more

  2. I completely agree with you: our happiness is all that matters xx

  3. I have been working non stop, I need to do some girly things too!


  4. so pretty!