New Year's Eve Party Inspiration

There are only 3 days till new year's eve and I'm sure we're all very excited to step into a fresh new year that brings new beginnings, new people and new adventures. For those of you that plan to throw a party at your place, I gathered some ideas that might inspire you and help you throw an unforgettable event! And for those of you that are still looking for THE perfect NYE outfit.. well I might have some ideas for you as well (see them here). Keep in mind that glitters are A MUST for the longest night of the year. Let's step into 2015 in style!


4 komentarji:

  1. Great inspiration! I hope you have a great one:)

  2. Love these pictures! Xx Dani

  3. I was on a plane on NY day :( Hopefully I'll get to live it out in full next year!