Addicted to.. Pinterest!

We've already been talking about Instagram and Youtube on FPB, so let's discuss about another great social platform today - Pinterest! I've created my Pinterest account recently and when I started pinning, I couldn't stop! It's so convenient to have an online visual inspiration with photos, gathered in one place. Instead of saving photos to my computer, I simply pin them to a certain board and when I seek inspiration, I look at my profile and have all the boards in one place. It's very easy and very organized. Who knew pinning can be so much fun! :) 

For all those of you that are not familiar with Pinterest, it's basically a virtual bulletin, where you can find and share ideas. For example, I already have 37 boards, with Fashion, Home decor, Makeup and Celebrity style inspiration. I even gather all of my favourite Blogger looks in one board. So when I don't know what to wear (happens every morning), I look at the board and find some cool ideas that give me inspiration and help me choose my outfit of the day.

It's super fun and you can get a whole lot of ideas for.. basically anything! Searching for a peanut butter recipt? Check. Looking for a wedding decoration ideas? Check. Want to know how to start your own blog? Check. Everything is there and like I said, once you start pinning, you just can't stop (and you won't stop).

So feel free to head over to my Pinterest profile and get inspired by my creative boards or create your own ones.

Happy pinning! ;)


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  1. Pinterest is great - I started using it only a couple of months ago and I fell in love with it and the inspiration I find there :)

    Purely Me by Denina Martin

  2. So true! I recently signed up for Pinterest as well. Sooo many ideas!

  3. This is great!

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  4. Nice Inspirations

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  5. I am also loving Pinterest lately! so much inspiration on there

  6. love pinterest

  7. Tu as un très beau blog!

    Un concours est en ligne sur le blog!
    Viens gagner ta paire de lunettes :
    Coline ♥

  8. I don't blame you for becoming addicted, I love pinterest! So many pretty wedding dresses and puppies :)

    Anoushka Probyn - A London Fashion Blog

    1. Puppies, awww :) I usually look at the Fashion stuff, but I see I might extend my horizons :P

  9. Love Pinterest.

  10. It gets incredibly addicting! XD

  11. I joined Pinterest too and it's really amazing *_*


  12. Superb!
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  13. Agreed, pinterest is awesome and crazy addicting in the best way possible!
    XO Courtney
    Dress Outside The Lines

  14. Obsessed with Pinterest! So addicting!

    x Kat