Instaparty N°5

Hey, hey! It's the end of the month which means only one thing- Insta recap! Take a look at the photos and get a sneek peak into my life ;)

Macaron heaven in Zvezda, Ljubljana

Salad in a jar.. because why not! 

My first MAC! So exciting :)

Coffee in Graz

Delicious flambéed strawberries

B&W selfie

Macarons- bloggers' favourite food ;)

If you don't have a boyfriend to give you flowers,
steal them from your neighbours' garden!

Rainbow coffee to start a day

How cute is this lipstick by Etude House?!

A little hike on Pohorje

Coffe and some tacks

Mojito & cuba libre at Snežak

Red nails are always a great choice!

Favourite author of the moment, so funny!

Corners of my room


With Iva @ DH Fashion Show in Maribor

New day, new flowers


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24 komentarji:

  1. Fantastic pic!

  2. I love the pic of the macarons ! Now I'm hungry

    You have a nice blog, keep up the good work =D

    If you want, you can check out my fashion and fitness blog and if you like it, maybe we could follow each other ?

    Hope you'll say yes,


  3. Loooooove the captions :D
    Maybe se bom na kakem mojito-tu vstavla v čet...
    -če še sploh je kaj na trgecu ;)

    You really do have an eye for nice pics

    1. Žal Snežaka ni več na trgu, že dolgo.. bomo pa jutri in v sobotah v Rušah- vabljena tja! :)

  4. You have a lovely blog <3 Macaroons are amazing... Love the photos!!
    Do you want to follow each other? let me know, I would be happy to <3
    kisses ♥

  5. Hi! I just found your blog and it´s awesome!, Ive created my fashion video blog and I would really appreciate if you could take a look at it, and write a comment telling me what you think about it! and if you like we could follow each other!
    Best wishes,

  6. Beautiful pictures, love your red bag.

  7. The salad in the jar looks like a unique presentation for an everyday dish---I wonder if the salad was hard to get out of the jar though, especially at the bottom?


    Another Beautiful Thing blog

    1. Hehe yes it was quite hard to eat it, but it was very dlicious! ;)

  8. Love the macarons and how amazing is MAC cosmetics! xx

  9. Mmmm Macarons! And Sophie Kinsella is such a great author! I am pretty sure I have read all her books but one. Loving the pretty flowers too! xo

    1. Yes, I love her too. Her books are just so funny, I read them too fast :P

  10. Would love to hear a review about the MAC foundation!!! :)
    xo Kat

    1. It's the best! It gives you great coverage and stay up all day. But I recommend that you buy it in person (rather than online), so that MAC sellers can help you. They really know which foundation would be perfect for your skin tone and type. It's true that MAC products are quite expensive, but it's totally worth it! :)