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There has been a lot of talk about fashion trends lately, so this time let's put the beauty in the spotlight! Recently I've become obsessed with youtube makeup tutorials. I would watch video after another and literally spend hours admiring beauty gurus doing their amazing makeups. They are also the reason I've bought a lot of new beauty and makeup products recently and have just been trying out different looks. It's so much fun, I just can't stop (and I won't stop..)! ;) 
Across all the products I've been using, there are some that really stand out and I would recommend them anytime. Here are my best of the best:

I've been using Vichy Idealia creme for a long time now and am very satissfied with it. Recently I also got a serum, which is just another great addition to the creme. Serum is more concentared, which means that it works better and faster. I usually apply the creme at night and serum in the morning. It helps to cover the pores and all the imperfections of your skin. It also hydrates your skin and smells so good!

Lady K. beauty tip: Always clean your face with cleansing milk & tonic before applying your daily creme.


I've tried quite a few black nailpolishes from different brands, but have always been dissapointed, since the color was very poor and they didn't last long. This was until I got Chanel Black Satin from my friend. The color is so rich that you can apply only one coat and it lasts almost through the whole week. I really recommend this one!

Lady K. beauty tip: Beside your color polish, always(!) use base coat first and top coat at the end. Finish up with fast dry drops. These three steps are very important, since they make your nailpolish last longer and prevent any peelings.


This gloss was a present from my friend and I just love it! A special thing about it is an easy click-to-open package (so cool!) and an expert applicator that hugs your lips, resulting in a smooth and line-free vinyl lip look. The gloss comes in 18 shades, so every girl can find a perfect color for herself.
 Lady K. beauty tip: Apply a touch of pressed powder before using a lipgloss. It will help the color to appear stronger and last longer.

I've been using Collistar foundation for a very long time (maybe you remember it from my previous beauty post), but few months ago I discovered Clinique Even Better foundation and was pleasantly surprised by its silky texture and perfect coverage. It makes your skin look flawless with just a little amount. 

Lady K. beauty tip: Apply your liquid powder using foundation brush to create airbursh effect.


I've been using liquid eyeliner for years and it has become my signature look. I've tried many different liners through the years and recently discovered this one from Catrice. Bingo! It's the best! The texture is very fluid, but the color appears very strong and stays on through the whole day. And another great part is that is very cheap and you know that good price + good quality = perfect combination. 

Lady K. beauty tip: People often ask me if I do my line with only one move. Yeah right, more like twenty. I often start in the middle of the eye and then draw little lines from the inner corner of the eye out, until I finish by making a little curl. So don't try to draw your line with only one move but take your time by making several small lines, until you get the perfect shape.


I can't believe what a difference can shaped and accentuated eyebrows make to your face! I use this Colormebeautiful eyebrow pencil (in the color blonde) on a daily basis. When I want to create more striking look, I add some darker brown eyeshadow over it. This is a great way to embrace your eyes and define your whole face.

Lady K. beauty tip: Don't try to fill your brows by drawing long strokes with your pencil. Instead, make many little lines to create more natural look.

I have so many brushes and I think I'm obsessed with them.. but if I could live with only one brush, I would definitely choose this round blending brush from MAC. It's the best of the best, really. It helps you apply the eyeshadow and then blend it perfectly. #HighlyRecommend

Lady K. beauty tip: When doing smokey-eyes-look, blend the black lines using dark brown eyeshadow. This will create the perfect image of faded makeup look.

Now it's your turn! Let me know which products are YOUR favourite and share with me some of your beauty tips! Leave the comments below! Xoxo ;*

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