Fashion Police at the 2013 AMA's

I cannot believe it's already a year around.. I still remember writing about AMA's 2012.. time really flies by so fast. Anyways, this years' red carpet was quite diverse- there were some pop of boobs, some mermaids, a lot of whites and a few fails (I was really hoping for more).. oh, and there was a horse. We mustn't forget the horse. Like last year I classified celebrities into three groups and made some collages with their 2012 outfits for comparison. It's time for fashion police! Wiuuuu wiuuuu!


Naya Rivera (10/10)
OMG Naya is a true winner for me! Her dress really compliments her slim figure and is showing just the right amount of skin (a.k.a. boobs). Black color goes perfect with her dark hair and chocolate skin and a pop of gold accessories rounds up the whole look. Great job!

Katy Perry (9/10)
When I was surfing the internet for photos from the red carpet, I stumbled accros some bad criticism about Katy Perry's dress and how horrible it looks on her. So I was trying to figure out what's wrong with the look, but couldn't find any mistakes! Sorry unknown critic, but I think this Oscar de la Renta dress looks amazing and is great choice for Katy's playful style.

Lady Gaga (9/10)
Gaga didn't blown us away just by arriving on a horse, but also with her (absolutely stunning) Versace dress (which was quite predictable choice, since she is the new face of their campaign). Her second look wasn't left behind, but was even better. Her long blonde hair and shiny pastel dresses prove that mermaids DO exist!

Rihanna (9/10)
This outfit screams Rihanna! The whole look is amazing and I don't mind if she's half naked, as long as she pulls it off. Actually I'm more fascinated about the hair. She changes her hairstyle almost every month and the worst thing is that everything looks good on her! I'm so jealous..

Christina Aguilera (8.5/10)
OMG what do you say about Christina's big makeover since last year!? She looks like a totally different person. The white dress looks amazing in combination with her platinum blonde hair and the cut-outs make her look even thinner. Also, I'm glad she went back to her natural light skin tone, looks much more elegant!

Kendall & Kylie Jenner (8/10)
The Jenner sisters always know how to look good and not only that, they also manage to co-ordinate their outfits and create a great harmony. I like that they're staying true to their style- Kendall's more elegant and Kylie's more edgy. Together they make a perfect combination.


Nicole Richie (7/10)
First of my averages is Nicole Richie, who didn't really impress me with her look. I like that her dress is elegant and chic with a little edge, but am not impressed with the cut-outs. I feel like they make her even slimmer than she already is.

Ke$ha (7/10)
I like Ke$ha's 2013 outfit more than her 2012 look. I feel like the combination of black dress and pastel hair is really her style, but still, I'm not impressed. Regardless her wild personality, she could be bolder. I hope next time she steps out of the averages and shocks with some crazy Miley-like outfit!

Taylor Swift (7/10)
Last year Taylor was my favorite, but this year she kind of dissapointed me. I feel like her hair is too old-skul and I don't like the transparent mesh in the upper part of the dress. She has a chic romantic style and this dress just doesn't show it.

Miley Cyrus (6.5/10)
Miley all covered up? Say what?! Nowadays it's bigger surprise to see her in sophisticated outfit than in extravagant show-your-skin look. I like the blazer, but the pants are just so wrong. I don't care if they're Versace, they have to be thrown away!


Kelly Osbourne (5/10)
After Kelly's big transformation I thought she can never do it wrong again. This was until today. I don't hate the dress but think it doesn't flatter her figure. Maybe it wouldn't look that bad, if her hair was down.. such a Heidi hairstyle.

Emma Roberts (4/10)
Oh Emma, she is so cute but often makes such a bad style decisions.What was she thinking when puting on this Aladdin inspired dress?! The fabric is awful and the color does not suit her coloring at all. Maybe it's time to consider finding a stylist.

Ariana Grande (3.5/10)
Just like Emma, Ariana is such a sweetheart but her playful and girly personality doesn't come out in this look. The dress is too long and the color too old. I also wish she would be more versatile and change her hairstyle here and there.

Heidi Klum (3/10)
As far as Heidi's Halloween costumes go, she's a master. But when it comes to red carpet, there's a whole dfferent story. I mean, where the hell did she pull out this dress from? The upper part looks like I made it (and that's a very bad news) and the fringes at the bottom.. I don't even know what to say. Big fail comparing to last years' outfit, when she looked stunning in short golden dress, which complimented her coloring so well.

Now it's your turn! I want to know who impressed and dissapointed you the most? Write in the coments below!


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  1. I really liked the Jenner sisters! They are gorgeous!
    Kristina recently posted.. Nars Orgasm Review.

  2. Amazing girls!

  3. amazing post..with a lot of beautiful dress!!!!

  4. I totally agree about Miley, love the blazer but not those pants. Potential for such a good look. Great post!


  5. love Katy Perry's and Emma Robert's dress! :*


  6. I like Kesha in the first image (2012)!!!
    and I love the style of Naya Rivera and Katy peryy is woow *-*!!!
    do you follow me on facebook ( or instagram (@manualloro)

  7. great post ! :)

  8. So cool! XX i waiting for you on my blog!

  9. Kendall & Kylie Jenner look so pretty!

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