Shopping In The USA

Hey guys! So before I show you pictures from my US trip, I think it's only appropriate to show you my purchases first. This is what every girl is curious about the most , right? :) I've loved shopping in USA, especially in Vegas, since there is a shopping mall on every step with lots of great stores that you can't find in my country. So you can imagine I was going crazy! Maybe you've aready realized that I love bright colors and these new things are no exception! This summer is all about brights!

Crop top + high waisted skirt = a summer must! I got these at American Apparel. The great thing is that I can combine the top with different skirts that I already have at home and the skirt can also look great with a white tee (oh yes, the B&W trend).

I like this Valentino style bag because of its bright color. I got it at Forever 21. It can easily variegates B&W outfit and do you see how good it looks with the neon yellow?

InStyle and Elle helped me spend long hours on planes.

When an european girl goes to USA, Victoria's secret is just a must! I hoped I'd get some nice swimsuit but I actually didn't like any, so I got a pair of panties and (very tasty) lipgloss. Other three panties are from Calvin Klein, which I got in outlet in Vegas.

Coral & lace = perfect combination. I got the dress at Forever 21 and the bracelet is from Top Shop.

My two favourites! The bag is from Juicy Couture and when I first saw it in a store in San Francisco, it was love at first sight! When the salesgirl told me is reduced, it was mine! I mean, this is just destiny!

I got luck with the Kate Spade wallet too, since it was reduced twice. Love the material and love the color. Oh yes, coral again!

Let me know which purchase do you like the most? Xoxo :*


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  1. my favs are the bags and the necklaces <3

  2. Nice! Nice ! Nice! I cannot decide what I like most between the five first item pictures xD


  3. So jealous of what you bought

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  4. love the ethnic skirt! :*