Lady K. In The USA

Heeey guys! Guess what? I'm going to USA tomorrow! Aaaa it's going to be my first time there so I'm veeery excited and can't wait for the big adventure!

You may know that I'm a cheerleader so the reason I go there is ICU Cheerleading World Championship. I'm going to compete in hip-hop doubles with my friend Tina. We've really worked hard and train every day, so I hope that hard work will pay off. The championship takes place in Disneyland, Orlando, and after that we're going to Miami, San Francisco, LA and Las Vegas. So many great places in only two weeks! There's not gonna be much sleep for us! :)

Well, since this is going to be a very long and exhausting trip (it takes 10 hours by plane from Slovenia to Orlando) I gathered some beauty advice that can be very useful during long flights like this. You will find them in my next post TOMORROW! 

Stay tuned! ;)


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