DIY Leopard Belt

I've always wanted leopard belt, but couldn't find the perfect one. Some were too thick, some looked cheap, some had ugly buckle.. so I thought to myself why not MAKE one, that's gonna be just the way I want. And so I got this 1m leather cord and start creating. See how:

At first I didn't really know how to make a belts' buckle. But then I just went to the art store and found this magnetic closure, which perfectly fits to my belt. So the main thing is to find a great art store that is well-stocked and between all their products you can easily find the solution for your conceptual impasse :) 

Step 1: Measure you waist and cut the cord to the wanted lenght. With a closure like this you can't regulate the lenght, so think if you're going to wear it in your pants (then it has to be longer) or in your dress (in this case, you'll make shorter one). Well, or just make two belts. 

Step 2: Since my belt has leopard print, silver closure didn't really match with it, so I painted it with my black nailpolish. If you want you can also put some glitters on it.

Step 3: When the color dried, I put some glue in to the holes of the closure, put the ends of the belt in them and let the glue dry. (Be careful that you turn closures the right way!)

And well ... that's all! Here's my new belt!

Let me know what you think about it!

My DIY collection is getting bigger and bigger! :) have you already seen all the projects?


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