DIY Leather Knot Bracelet

Last time I talked about new DIY projects that are on the way and well, here is the first one! I did a simple leather bracelet with a knot, which kind of reminds me of the sea and is perfect for summer trips. It can be a great adition to striped navy blue dress! So, let's start. Here's what you need:

I got the leather cords on this site, where you can choose from lots of different colors and styles. I've chosen red and metallic one, since the material look so unique that the bracelet can be simple but yet looks chic. Forceps and bracelet locks are available in any art store. If they are well-stocked, you can choose from different shades, such as silver, gold or metallic black. 

Step 1: Cut the cords to the lenght that you want (before that, measure your wrist). If you buy 1m long cord, you can use it for 3 or even 4 bracelets.

Step 2: Double wrap the cord and tighten it so you get a nice knot.

Step 3: Attach the locks with the forceps.

Step 4: Close the ends and tadaaa- the bracelet is done! Very easy, right?

You can wear single bracelet or combine two together. Let me know if you like it!?

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