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Spring is here (yeey), which means it's time for a wardrobe update. Shops are already full with spring clothes and well, I just can't resist to buy something new everytime I go to the mall. Let me share some new things with you!

H&M clutch

I found this fuchsia clutch in H&M the other day. I usually don't buy bags there, since they're made out of cheap materials and can look crummy, but I think this one is a bright exception. I can't wait to brighten up my black & white striped dress with it and combine it with my pink lipstick!

O.P.I. Start to finish base and top coat, Dim Sum Plum nail lacquer, Drip Dry drying drops

I was loyal to Zoya nailpolishes for a long time, but since they stopped selling them in my town, I switched to O.P.I. and can say that there's no big difference in quality. 

I always start with Start to finish nailpolish, which is very useful, since you can use it as a base AND top coat and it also works as a nail hardener. After that I apply two coats of O.P.I. color nail lacquer, top coat and finish with Drip Dry drying drops. The result are long lasting colourful nails.

Zara TRF pumps

Pointy pumps are back! Since I had only rounded ones in my shoe closet, I had to buy some pointed ones to be in step with fashion! I love these pink babies because of the bright color and practicality. I can wear them with jeans for daily errands or with elegant dress for a night out- they work both ways.

Make Up Factory Glam Berry lipstick, Nivea Pure Diamond lipstick

Lately I like to make a statement with bold lips. Since the color is so strinking, the rest of the make-up can be more natural. Or not. I actually don't like natural make-up, so I add brown eyeshadow and eyeliner and darken my eyebrows (Cara style) for finished look.

H&M trio necklaces

Golden jewelry have been such a hit for a long time now and since I've goten only golden rings in my jewelry box, I had to extand my collection on necklaces. This trio is so practical, since you can wear only one piece or combine two or three together. Great way to variegate white tee or b&w striped dress.

No Skimming passport cover and DIY notebook

Since I started writting my blog, I've had a notebook in which I wrote all the fashion ideas and thoughts. The notebook didn't have very attractive covers so I decided to pimp it up! You can make it very fast, you just need some cool papers from old magazines or catalogues, stickers and imagination. Easy peasy.

Since I'm travelling to the USA soon, I need a passport cover to save my passport, plane ticket and other stuff in it. I bought this one on Ebay for a funny price and was actually very surprised bout its quality. It's very cute, with a little polkadots in it and I bet it will make my journey more oranized.


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