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What would women do without cometics?! Last time I counted that I use at least 10 different facial products every day. When I go out to a party, my make-up is more intense, so this number increases on 16 or more products.. it's a LOT, I know, but putting make-up on is like art for me.. my face is my canvas and make-up is my pallet. I really enjoy doing it and this is why I dedicate this post to represent to you my beauty department and some tips on how to treat your skin.

Before putting on any creme and foundation, it's important to clean your face with cleansing milk and tonic. I use the one from Clinique, which deeply cleans my skin and makes it look fresh.

The next step is your daily face cream. I've been using Vichy Idealia for quite a long time and can say that I'm very satisfied with it. It covers every dark spots and evens the skin. It's also very fresh and suiteble for all skin types.

I always use primer after putting daily creme on my face. It helps hide the pores and make the skin look fresh and smooth. Few days ago I bought this Catrice primer and can tell you that my purchase was worthworty. It really makes my make-up stick better and last longer. I recommend!

Every skin looks better with a little foundation on it, right? Collistar Silk Effect foundation has really light texture and lasts through the whole day. I've been using it for many years and wouldn't change it. In the past I sometimes bought different ones but always went back to the roots. So when you find the right shade for your skin, I suggest that you stick to it.

Before putting on your eye make-up it's important to apply eye base. It helps to keep eyeshadow from smudging from sweat and oil on your face. Also it gives powder shadows something to stick to, so they stay on better and longer. I'm using the one from colourmebeautiful.

Another two products that I can't live without are concealer and highlighter, both from colourmebeautiful. These are the two things that I suggest to everyone! Apply concealer on the area under your eyes and thus get rid of the dark circles. It will make your face look fresh and healthy. I put highlighter under my eyebrows and at the top of my cheeks, which gives me that glowing appearance and highlights my eyes and cheekbones.


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