Summer Dreamin'

“One must maintain a little bittle of summer, even in the middle of winter.”
― Henry David Thoreau

And this is what I do. Every winter I dream of hot summer days and imagine myself lying on the beach under the hot sun.. oh well, I just have to wait few more months and it'll come true. Till then I can just dream about it!
10 things I miss about summer the most:
  • sundresses
  • watermelon
  • the smell of sunscreen
  • swimming in the sea
  • festivals
  • collecting seashells
  • cute swimsuits
  • sexy tanned mens' bodies
  • the sound of ocean waves
  • driving with the top down

Some memories from last vacaction that take me back to the summertime..

Let yourself go, go, gooooo and feel the summer in you heart! ;) 


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