How To: Burgundy

Without a doubt, burgundy color is the queen of this season. Don't have any burgundy piece in your closet yet? Well, hurry up, there's still chance to buy a piece, wheather a skirt, pants, shoes or bag. Because every woman NEEDS a piece in this fashionable warm color in her life!

Which piece to choose?
Red is a prominent color that attracts our attention. Highlight the part of the body of which you are especially proud. If you have long and slender legs you will choose pants or shorts. Burgundy sweater attracts focus on your upper body and the face. Don't forget the shoes, which are not only black or brown anymore. Be brave and wear them in burgundy color!

How to combine?
For those who like to stand out, the combination of bright red and burgundy is great choice. It will catch the attention without a doubt and you will look extremely fashionable. Wear a bright red dress and combine it with burgundy tights and shoes. Complete the look with golden accessories.

If you find this combination too extreme, you can combine burgundy pants with petroleum blue sweater and complete the image with nail polish of the same color. I've already given you some advice on how to wear burgundy pants in THIS POST.

This is the safest combination. Combine burgundy shorts with neutral tones such as gray and white. Complete the look with statement necklace in the same neutral color.

Choose the combination that's most suitable for you and own it! ;)


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