Do it like: Olivia Palermo

I'm often fascinated by Olivia Palermo's outfits. I'm asking myself How does she do it? How does she put together an outfit that looks so good at the end. Is there any rule to make it all easier and faster so you don't have to stand in front of the wardrobe, thinking hard which pieces to put together?

Well, actually there is! :) It's called Three color rule and its basic premise is never wearing more than three colors at the time. Don't believe me? Olivia can prove it:

As you can count, she always combines three colors in an outfit. Since black and white are technically shadows, you can be more flexible when putting these two colors into outfits. You can wear four colors if one of them is black or white. This is how Olivia did:

About the jewelry: try to stick to one color (either gold or silver) in an outfit, especially when wearing statement necklaces or watches. Just like this:

When wearing patterned piece of clothing, try to keep other pieces as simple as possible. You can choose a color out of the pattern and match it with an accessory, for example bag, shoes, hat or gloves.

Matching colors of your bag and shoes? That's been out of fashion for a long time! Rather try to combine the bag with the color of your trousers or skirt. I also like to match gloves or hat with the color of my bag.

Red lips also count, so you can combine the color of your lipstick with the piece of acessory!

Now that you know the trick, you can easily put together fabulous outfit and rock the streets in it! Work it, baby!


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