Fashion Police At The 2012 AMA's

Did you watch the 40th anniversary American Music Awards sunday evening? I watched some clips today and I can tell you that I was quite impressed by the outfits from the red carpet (since this is the main reason why I watch events like this)! I gathered some of the best, some of the average and some of the worst outfits. Time for fashion police! Wiuuu wiuuu wiuuu!

WINNER: Taylor Swift (10/10)
I think Taylor is a total winner. She always knows how to look glamorous, but also youthful and fresh. Her flowery nude mini-dress with open back, red nails and sexy long legs make a perfect combination! You go, girl!

Zendaya (9/10)
16-year old actress surprised me with this cute little outfit! I love her flared skirt dress with little patterns on it and bright pink lips makes her outfit look playful and fun. I'm just not so sure about the hairdo.. maybe it could be more youthful, but in spite of that, she looks great!

Carrie Underwood (8.5/10)
I always like Carrie's outfits and this one is not an exception. This color is just perfect for her and the dress wraps her body perfectly! The only thing I don't like is the bag.. did she borrowed it from her grandma or what? The color is totally wrong and It just looks shabby! Otherwise, she looks stunning!

Nicky Minaj (8/10)
Wow! Nicky Minaj was the biggest surprise from me, since we are used to see her in extravagant fantasy dresses. Unlike previous outfits this one is really "calm" and sleek. The bright lime color caught everyone's eye and the model of the dress works perfectly for her, since it hides all the imperfections and makes her body look tall and slim. The hair and necklace also look great.. just work on your posing next time, Nicky. 


Brandy (7.5/10)
Where was Brandy hiding all that time? I haven't heard about her for very long.. Anyways, I love this asimetrical outfit in earthy colors! We don't see this kind of look often on the events like this. It really is something special, I just think it looks too casual for red carpet. It would be more appropriate for a movie premiere or something.

Lucy Hale (7/10)
Pretty little liar is staying loyal to her vintage-inspired style. She variegated simple black dress with red heels and silver accessories. It looks good, but still- nothing special.

Ke$ha (7/10)
Ke$ha's left her messy style at home and surprised with delicate nude lace dress and polished hair. I think the change is good, but I don't like straight cut of the dress. It should be more fitting in the waist and maybe little longer. Although pointed black nails and extravagant shoes makes it all better and are saving her signature style.


THE WINNER: Suzanne Delaurentiis (2/10)
WTF did Suzanne think when she put on this outfit?! If I cover the lower part of her body, it looks quite okay.. but from the waist down it's a total disaster! The ruffles, the lenght, the fabric.. everything is just wrong! And the shoes.. I have no words. When next time attending event like this, hiring a stylist would be a good idea, Suzanne!

Eden Sher (3/10)
Oh Eden, when I look at this picture, I see corky Sue from The Middle (a character she plays) and not flirtatious Eden. This dress would work better if she wore straight hair with it and added some more accessories. Also the pose could be more elegant.. at the end she doesn't want everyone to keep her in mind as clumsy Sue right?

Chris Brown (4/10)
Anyone knows what happened to Chris Brown?! Hairy face, weird sunglasses and sad look make him look like orangutan! Otherwise I'm satisfied with his outfit, which doesn't stand out but is suitable for a rapper like him. So Chrisy, next time get rid of the glasses, shave your face and put a smile on your face and your score will be higher!

Hayden Panettiere (4.5/10)
Hayden is such a sweetheart, but with this outfit she hit in the blank. The shiny fabric and model of the dress don't go together and make her look like an ice-skater! The shoes are also inappropriate since they look so huge on her tiny feet. In spite of all that, her cute smile is saving her and takes the attention away from the dress.. and shoes.


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