Blair VS Serena

Blonde or brunette? Bold or sophisticated? Cold as snow or hot as fire? A bitch or an angel? QUEEN B or IT GIRL S? Here are some of Blair's and Serena's most striking outfits from Gossip Girl's previous seasons. Which style do you like the most? Modern, bold and messy like Serena's or sophisticated, elegant and neat like Blair's?


3 komentarji:

  1. I LOOOVED Blair in the first season or two - the conniving plotting ball-busting ice-queen queen bitch, but then she had to become a Humphry-loving pathetic idiot. Serena was a bit evil at some point but we love her still. Anyways, they both rock! And their fashion sense, excuse-moi!

  2. Love this post! In love with this two girls, can never decide xxx