October 29, 2014

Halloween makeup ideas

Oh, no! Halloween is just around the corner and I still haven't decided on my mask. As you may know, every year me and my girlfriends dress ourselves as a group mask. Two years ago we were scary dolls and after that we went as dead ballerinas (which you could see in this post). This year we're kinda short on ideas, so I've turned the Pinterest upside down to find inspiration. I gathered my favourite makeup looks in this post and since I can't decide which one to choose (they're all so amazing), I ask you to help me pick the one that you think is the best! 

October 20, 2014

Fall outfit idea: French rock

October 14, 2014

Instaparty tips and tricks

Hey hey! This time I've decided to do something different than the usual Instaparty post. Since Instagram is one of the most popular social networks (it gets a lot more engagement than Facebook or Twitter), I summed up some of my Instagram tips and tricks that can (hopefully) help you create eyecatching photos which will get more likes and attract more followers. I hope you'll learn something new and if you have any other tips to share, I'd be very happy to read them!

1.) Avoid blurred lines
Photos draw people in like nothing else, so make sure that the content is eyecathing and most importantly, avoid blurry photos! Tap on the item on your screen that you want to expose. Your phone will sharpen it and make it stand out from the background.
2.) Use daylight
The lightning can make or break your photos. Use daylight when taking them, since lighter pictures are easier to edit and have a better effect on people.
3.) Play with different angles
Try taking photos from different angles. Shoot your breakfast from above, bouquet of flowers close up and capture landscape from afar. Try different options and see which one works best. This way your layout will look more dynamic and enticing for your potencial followers.
4.) Square your photo
Before taking a photo, set your settings to 'square'. This way you'll catch in frame exactly what you want and won't have to crop the photo later.

October 3, 2014

Très jolie, Paris

All good things come to an end and so has the fashion month. Paris was its grand finale and when there's Paris, there's Chanel. Collections are more fantastic every season and Karl Lagerfeld always surprises with the unique and notable fashion shows. Although this season tweed still remains the main piece of the collection, traditional black and white colors are replaced with the beautiful flowing rainbows. I love the play of different textures, feminine silhouettes and a touch of romance. Karl has once again gave an unforgettable show with divine creations that glorify female body and thus concluded Paris Fashion Week in grand style.

Ob omembi besede Pariz, pomislim na tri stvari: Eifflov stolp, makrone in Chanel. Če bi morala izbrati samo eno znamko, ki jo nosila do konca življenja, bi se najverjetneje odločila za Chanel. Kolekcije so iz sezone v sezono bolj fantastične, Karl Lagerfeld pa vedno znova preseneti z odmevnimi in edinstvenimi modnimi revijami. Čeprav tvid še zmeraj ostaja v ospredju, so včasih značilne črno-bele odtenke, na tokratnem tednu mode zamenjale pisane barve in živahni vzorci. Všeč mi je prepletanje različnih tekstur, ženstvene silhuete in pridih romantičnosti. Karl je ponovno pripravil nepozaben šov z božanskimi kreacijami, ki poveličujejo žensko telo in s tem zaključil pariški teden mode v velikem slogu.


September 26, 2014

Hey, Missy!

You know my obsession with bags, right? I guess some are obsessed with shoes, but I prefer bags. Although Chanel 2.55 remains at the top of my wishlist, I find a new favourite every month. Some time ago I was looking at Stylescrapbook's post and saw a beautiful blue croc-effect bag that went perfect with her outfit and *bam*, I had a new favourite. It's Neri Karra's Missy bag, that comes in two sizes, countless color options and lots of different patterns. Every Missy tells her own story and I've chosen three different ones to built a specific outfit around them. Which one is your favourite?

Po skoraj dveh letih ustvarjanja bloga, najbrž že poznate mojo obsedenost s torbicami. Zame so torbice tisti ključni modni dodatek, ki zaokroži celoten videz in izraža posameznikov slog oblačenja. Na vrhu mojega seznama želja je sicer še zmeraj Chanel 2.55, takoj za njo se uvršča torbica (mini) Missy, blagovne znamke Neri Karra, v katero sem se zaljubila na prvi pogled! Všeč mi je raznolika izbira živih barv in zanimivih vzorcev, ravno prava velikost in praktična oblika. Čeprav velja, da obleka naredi človeka, to vsekakor velja tudi za 'misice', ki vsaka zase govorijo svojo zgodbo. Izbrala sem tri različne in okrog vsake sestavila outfit za različno priložnost. Kateri je tvoj najljubši?

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