July 30, 2014

Instaparty N°6

Yo yo, guess what? It's that time of the month when we're having Instaparteey! Looking through photos I can say that last two months were all about hot summer vibes, flowers, parties, friends and.. makeup. See the photos and get a sneek peak into my life. 

Starting the summer with mini Magnum..

.. and throwing it back to vacation in Bulgaria
a few years ago.

Little roses I took from grandma's garden- there always have to be
fresh flowers in my room.

July 25, 2014

Food Trend Fashion

Ever since Jeremy Scott released his A/W collection for Moschino, fashion world went to a whole new level. He took some of the most popular pop culture icons and turn them into real a fashion phenomenon. Have you ever imagined walking around covered up in hamburger pattern or carrying bag with bright yellow McDonald's sign? I'm sure you haven't. Jeremy's collection turned into one of the biggest trends and it was just a question of time when other brands will start using food prints on their clothes and accessories as well. Imagination doesn't have a limit and there are plenty of food-printed-pieces that you can choose from. Let the food invasion soak you in and let everyone know you love french fries or are crazy about ice cream!

Vse odkar je Jeremy Scott februarja letos predstavil jesensko-zimsko kolekcijo za Moschino, je modni svet dobil popolnoma novo dimenzijo. Ste si kdaj predstavljali, da boste na ulicah videli rdeče torbice z rumenim logotipom McDonald'sa? Ali si na uho prislonili iPhone, preoblečen v paket krompirčka? Ali npr. odšli po nakupih takorekoč oblečeni v hamburger? Sedaj je vse to že nekaj povsem običajnega, Jeremyju pa je uspelo hitro hrano spremeniti v modni trend, ki je povrhu vsega še popolnoma brez kalorij. Trend s hrano potiskanimi oblačili je navdušil veliko zvezdnic, med njimi Rito Oro, Katy Perry in Anno Dello Russo, ki so iz njega ustvarile pravi modni hit, ki še zdaleč ni zastaral. Je navdušil tudi tebe ali se ti zdi, da gre za pretiravanje?

June 25, 2014

Great discovery: Korean makeup

Some time ago I wrote about my obsession with Youtube gurus. Since then the number of channels I follow has even increased and my obsession got even bigger (gotta be addicted to something, right? ;). Among all gurus that I follow are also Chriselle, Michelle and Jen, girls with Asian roots, who introduced Korean beauty products to me. While watching all those videos in which they praise about Asian cosmetics, I decided to try it out. I mean, who wouldn't want soft porcelain skin like theirs?! So I typed 'Korean makeup' in Ebay search and found brand Etude House. Bingo! Not only is it extremely cheap, but it's also very good quality (which doesn't happen very often) and just look at those cute princess-perfect packagings! I ordered three products at the beginning but I'm sure my Korean collection will get even bigger in future. 

I haven't been using a primer for a while now but when I tried this one, I realized I've been missing out a lot. Goodbye Pore Ever evens the skin tone and makes your face look fresh and soft. It's suitable for all skin types and tones. The texture feels like silk and it's perfect for cold winter or hot summer days. I always use it after applying my daily cream and before foundation. Price: 8,30$.

This cute princess packaging immediately caught my eye. It was actually the main reason for my purchase, next to wide range of different colors. When I got it, the packaging wasn't the only thing I was excited about. The texture of lipstick is very moisturizing and creates a divine feeling on your lips. It gives you that juicy and shiny effect and even if it lasts very long, I guarantee you'd want to re-apply it every half an hour (so soft, ah). It comes in eight shades and costs only 3,66$.

ETUDE HOUSE ROSY TINT LIPS (in color English Garden)
The main reason I bought this product was a special applicator which is some kind of sponge that absorbs lipstick and creates long lasting apperance. I usually apply it after linig my lips with lip liner. Add a touch of lipgloss over it and the result are full and kissable lips. You can choose from eight shades ranging from orange to pink and deep red color. Price: 8,18$.

Are you also as excited about Korean beauty as I am? Let me know which products are your favourite, since I'd love to extend my small Korean collection ;) Xo