August 23, 2014

DIY fast tanning cocoa bars

We've already discussed in previous post, how necessary it is that in summer months we pay extra attention to our skin. Pharmacists are increasingly drawing attention to the harmful effects of the sun and stress that tanned skin isn't healthy skin yet we all want that little summer bronzing. There are many sunscreens with ingredients that offer faster tanning and alow you to spend less time on the sun yet gain more color. I've tried a few but realized they aren't really effective, so I made myself a DIY fast tanning product. It's not a cream, but cocoa butter bars, made ​​from 100% natural ingredients. They are very convenient to use, divinely scented and what's most important- extremely efficient! It is known that cocoa butter stimulates the production of skin pigment and lead to greater protection and faster skin tan. Moreover, it contains antioxidants and vitamin E, which nourish the skin and neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals formed during sunbathing. However, it doesn't contain UV-protection, so it's important to also use your sunscreen.

- 1 cup of cocoa butter
- 2 tablespoons of organic coconut oil 
- 5 drops of natural vanilla essential oil
- 5 drops of natural cherry essential oil (optional)
- ice tray

August 19, 2014

Top 5 summer beauty saviours

As much as we're all excited about summer that brings carefree and relaxing days, lying on the beach and soaking in the sea.. it also have some bad concequences, especially for your face and hair. The heat dries out your skin, so it's very important to give the latter some extra care. To this end, I'm sharing with you my top 5 summer beauty essentials.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask
Due to the heat, it's important to nourish your skin with moisture. Since daily cream usually isn't enough, it's a good idea to apply moisturizing mask from time to time. Tea tree mask calms the skin and restores moisture immediately after application, as well as reduces redness. Tea tree is known for its many healing features, it works against dandruff and acne as well as it helps with irritated skin.
Application: I usually apply the mask three times a week and leave it on my face for about 15 minutes till it dries completely. I then wash it with warm water. The result is smooth, fresh and even skin.

Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera 100% Gel
100% Aloe Vera gel is my most essential product in the summer, since it can be used for more or less anything- as a lotion for skin firming, medicine for wound healing, moisturizing after-sun cream or even shaving and hair styling gel. It's fragrance free and doesn't contain alcohol or any added color. It absorbs into your skin very quickly. The non-greasy soothing structure works with all types of burns, bruises, problems with dry skin and even blisters. It can also be used as a face primer, since it evens out the skin and creates smooth surface. Definitely N°1 must-have item of the summer!
Application: Apply liberally to irritated skin as needed.

Redken Real Control Intense Renewal mask
Like the skin, hair also requires extra protection in summer months. I have very thin and damaged hair that gets even worse in summer. This is why I use reneval mask which gives my hair more strenght, volume and shine and is suitable for dull, dry and colored hair. It contains shea butter and smells really good.
Application: I apply mask after shampooing on dried hair in combination with Diamond Oil. I leave it in for 15-20 minutes and then wash and dry my hair as usual. The results can be seen very quicky, my hair looks stronger and healthier.

Redken Diamond Oil
We've all heard of Maroccanoil, right? I've tried it and have to say that was quite impressed with the result, but in my opinion Diamond Oil works even better. It comes in a beautiful diamond-shape glass bottle of 100ml (which lasts forever) and contains handy applicator. Oh, and it smells heavenly! It's not too oily and doesn't weight your hair at all. You can see the results (=shiny and healthy hair) immediately. It's quite expensive, but definitely worth the money.
Application: I pour a few drops of oil in my hand and mix it with a reneval mask. Sometimes I also use it individually only on the tips of my hair and leave it in overnight, then rinse.

Garnier Ambre Solaire Natural Bronzer
Since I'm one of those people with pale skin that never turns brown, sometimes I gotta fake tan with self-tanning products. And believe me, it's not easy to find a good one. I've tried many different ones, from sprays to creams, from expensive to cheap ones, from those that left stains on my clothes and to those that created 'beautiful' patterns on my legs. However, a month ago I ran into Garnier Ambre Solaire, which was in a convenient small package and at a very affordable price. My hopes weren't large, but I was positively surprised with the product. Self-tanning effect is seen in a very short time and the cream doesn't leave any stains, but creates an even tan. 
Application: I usually apply the cream before bedtime and leave it overnight. In the morning I take a shower to wash off the unpleasant smell (the only bad thing about this cream). Don't worry, the fake tan doesn't wash off, but retains on the skin up to one week.

Now I want to know which are YOUR favourite summer beauty essentials? Don't hesitate to leave a comment and share your must-haves with me! Xo

August 11, 2014

Fashion Police at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards

All those formal award shows with fancy red carpets can be quite dull and too serious since everyone looks kind of retained and professional. But when it comes to Teen Choice Awards is all about fun and relaxed atmosphere with celebrities smiling and being dressed up in playful and colorful outfits. This years awards, held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles and hosted by Sarah Hyland (Modern Family) and Tyler Posey (Teen Wolf), were no different. On blue carpet we saw a little bit of everything- fom Kendall and Selena's jumpsuits to Chloe and Taylor's crop tops to Zendaya and Bella's flirty frocks. Take a look at some of my favourite outfits and read my opinions about the looks. Time for Fashion Police!

Chloe Moretz in Valentino (10/10)
Chloe really hit the jackpot with this look. It's fun, chic and sexy and it shows just the right amount of skin. Totally loving it!

Janel Parrish in Contrarian NYC (6/10)
As much as I like to watch PLL, I'm not quite feeling this look.The upper part with emerald crop top, fuchsia lip and wavy hair is great, but the maxi skirt is too maxi for her. She should cut off a few centimeters.

Kylie Jenner (7/10)
Kylie, who celebrated her 17th birthday yesterday, developed unique style through recent years and I love how she always stays true to it. This combination of asymmetrical skirt and crop top works great on her body, I just miss some more jewelry that would give the outfit her signature style.