December 20, 2014

last minute Christmas gift guide

It's less than a week till Christmas and I still haven't got all the presents. Every year I tell myself that NEXT year I will definitely buy everything one month in advance but so far I failed every time. Hmm.. maybe next year? Even though I still have some time to go shopping, I hate running around crowded shops and fighting for that one last piece of something. It's so exhausting and takes away all the happy Christmas spirit. This is why I decided to buy presents online this year. The good thing about doing it online is that the choice is sooo much wider and you can shop in peace with nobody bumping into you. I usually like to shop in multi-brand online shops which offer everything from clothing and shoes to beauty and accessories. This way I can find all presents in one place. 

While I was choosing my presents, I found some of the cutest and coolest products and decided to share them with you. Maybe they help you with your decisions. Let me know which one is your favourite and who would you give it to? Xoxo ;*

December 11, 2014

DIY Christmas present: fringe keychain

It's been a while since I've been creative so with upcoming Christmas in mind I decided to do something that can make a great present for your friends. I'm sure everyone will be happy to recieve a handmade piece in which you poured your love and soul :)

So we'll be doing a cute leather fringe keychain that can make a great and very chic accessory.

Here's what you'll need:

December 3, 2014

Victoria's Secret fashion show 2014

The most awaited event at the beginning of December? Victoria's Secret fashion show, of course! Top models, top singers with amazing performances and breathtaking lingerie are the resons why we all can't wait to see the show. Since the latter will be awailable to watch only on 9th of December, here are photos from the show to satisfy your excitement. Which collection or model was your favourite? I have to vote for Taylor Swift this time. Her black lingerie performace outfit was stunning and with her gorgeous look she could easily be one of the angels.

December 1, 2014

Best Cyber Monday deals

Who doesn't love online shopping?! The stores offer a myriad of new choices every single day and you don't even have to get out of the bed to make a purchase. It's done with just a few clicks! I still remember when I discovered online shopping for the first time. I was looking for a prom dress and since I haven't found it in a shop, I started exploring online stores, which opened a whole new world for me. The best thing about shopping online is the fact that stores often offer some special offers and if you do  a little research, you can find some serious great deals! Like today, on Cyber Monday, when prices are falling down like rain. I think this is a great opportunity to get your hands on that special piece you've been wanting for so long or to buy early Christmas gifts for your friends and family. There are a lot of special offers going on and I've gathered them all in one place just for you, to make your shopping easier. I also wanted to share with you some of my favourite pieces from selected online stores, that I'm sure will be in my closet very soon :)

November 29, 2014

Instaparty N°8

As leaves change their color from season to season, so does my Instagram feed. Warm red, orange and brown shades herald last sunny days and the beginning of the coldest season of the year. Although this is my least favourite time of the year (too cold for me), I'm happy that I'll be spending festive days in Ljubljana, surrounded by Christmas lights, mulled vine and my amazing friends. But for now let the hashtags tell the stories.

Ljubljana - good mood, good food.