April 15, 2014

Coachella roundup

First weekend of Coachella is over and it's time to do a recap of all the festive outfits that left the biggest mark. While looking at countless Coachella web galleries, I realized there were some festive outfits that prevailed. I divided them into four groups according to their 'key pieces'. Among them you'll also find super stylish Jenner sister and their new bff Selena Gomez, who were (and still are) the most talked about celebrities at the festival.

Floral headpieces are one of the most typical accessories worn at the open air festivals. When wearing bunch of colorful flowers in your hair, there's actually no need to add any more accessories to your outfit. They give the whole look that special hippie-chic vibe with and add a romantic touch. The greatest thing about floral crowns? You can easily make them on your own. How? Like this.. or this. But in case you're really lazy, there's always an option to just buy them.

The second festive key piece that a lot of girls worn is white dress. Shapes of the dresses are simple, but there's a twist in the fabric. Cut-outs, lace, ruffles or mesh really add a special touch to the outfit. Another great thing about white dress is the fact that you can pair it with actually any kind of shoes. Wear black boots for edgy look, pastel sandals to add a soft touch or gladiators to create an urban look.

April 12, 2014

Do it like: the Russian fashion mafia

If you're a fashion blogger then you just MUST know the so called Russian Fashion Pack or the Russian Fashion Mafia. They represent a real style royalty and never dissapoint with their exquisite outfits. Forget camera shy, these girls are camera ready no matter what and it definitely pays off. They make the streets their runway and are one of the most photographed women at fashion weeks.
They have such a big impact on the entire fashion industry and this is the reason I decided to take a closer look at their signature styles and see what can we learn from them.

WHO'S THAT GIRL? Editor of Buro 24/7, mother to little George, muse of Louis Vuitton.
SIGNATURE STYLE: Unexpected and joyful combinations of texture, color and shape.
LESSON LEARNED: Being only 1.50 cm tall, she proves that also petite girls can pull off any look! 

April 7, 2014

What's in my bag

I've always liked watching What's in my bag tag Youtube videos. I don't know why girls like to see what's in others girls bags so much, but I guess they offer a sneak peek of someone's life. With this intention, I wanted to show you what stuff I always carry with me in MY bag. To get to know me better or just to feed your curiosity ;)

Guess bag: I bought it a few years ago, but it's still one of my favourites. I love its snake fabric and bright blue color. 

iPhone 4s: Obviosly I don't go anywhere without my phone.. I mean, who can? The Chanel nailpolish case is from etsy.com.

Kate Spade wallet: I bought it on my trip to Vegas and maybe you recognize it from this post. I always buy a good quality wallet that I can use for many years and this one is no exception. I love its vibrant color and transparency.

Filofax planner: Every organized girl needs a planner, right? It gives me a good glimpse of my work schedule, important meetings and party dates. This one is from Filofax and the great thing about it is, that papers are removable, so you can easily exchange old calendar with new one, when year's around.

iPod: Because you never know when you might need a little music to cheer you up.

D&G sunnies: They're always in my bag, if not for sun protection, for some stylish touch.

Catrice chubby stick: I love chubby sticks! They're some kind of mixture between lipstick and lipgloss and feel so good on your lips. This one is from Catrice (in shade Rusty in Peace) and I really like its soft pink color and sweet vanilla taste. 

Catrice eyeliner: I wear eyeliner pretty much all the time and I hate it when it gets smudged through the day. This is why I usually carry eyeliner with me- for little corrections.

Essence nail file:
Because nothing worse than a broken nail and no nail-file around, right? #firstworldproblems

L'occitane hand cream: L'occitane hand creams are the best, since they come in such a small packages (+ smell so good and take good care of your dry hands).

These are pretty much the main things I always carry with me. As you can also see I really like bright colors :) Now I want to know what are your must-haves! Which stuff do you always carry in YOUR bag? Let me know in the comments below.